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A musical suite

This series of 9 prints came as a "divertimento", my first abstract incursion out of my usual  world of inspiration, into a subject dear to my heart: music.

Over a few months, this musical suite was originally drawn while listening to pieces of classical music I love, played on a loop, sinking in a particular mood.

Each print is made of at least two linoleum plates, printed on 30 x 40 Fabriano paper. The first plate illustrates a tempo, the color being the atmosphere that exudes from the piece, and a binding element for a suite, and the second plate expresses the theme of music; sometimes it's been removed in the end.

I have put myself one constraint to the making of this series, that is, the landscape format, akin to the linear representation of sounds on a sonagram, giving myself a possibility to print it later as a concertina book, together with the illustrative poems or quotes.


Chladni's frequency plates at play


Intertwined volutes with a reverted and truncated treble clef.


Music vibrating like ribbons, rivers and brooklets, flooding the inside of a grand piano.